Thursday, June 23, 2016

Film project: re-cutting a trailer

Our next video project is a real challenge: re-editing a film trailer into a different genre.

This is both a technical and creative challenge with careful analysis, planning and editing required to achieve the desired effect. Your task is as follows:

Re-edit the Frozen trailer into a horror film.


There are many fantastic examples on YouTube of creative Film and Media students who have taken on a challenge like this.

Toy Story

Here's a YouTube example from someone who has already horror-fied the Pixar classic Toy Story to give you a great template for the Frozen task.

Original Toy Story trailer:

Re-edit for horror:

There are plenty more examples of trailer re-edits on YouTube such as The Incredibles re-edited as a Christopher Nolan film.

Top tips

This is a complex challenge - and before you start anything you'll need to make yourself an expert on the original Frozen trailer:

Next, think about the following:

  • Which conventions do you need to keep to establish it looks like a film trailer? E.g. keeping the MPAA Splash Screen. 
  • Which clips will your select to best fit the horror genre?
  • The Music - add a horror film score? Remove the original?
  • Are there any sound effects that will create a horror genre feel?
  • Which bits to leave out or change e.g. if they are singing, will this look strange? Could you leave speech in but order it so that the dialogue now seemed sinister?
  • Colour hues and tones / saturation / shadows
  • Visual effects? Ghosting etc?
  • Could you record a new voiceover?
  • Could you use your own titles / words to create the atmosphere and establish the horror genre for your viewer throughout the trailer?

Useful links

This YouTube collection of re-edited trailers may provide more inspiration and the website Total Recut is full of advice and tutorials to help with your re-edit.

Good luck - and be creative!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Editing project: Music video montage

Your first editing project is to create a music video montage using clips from this year's GCSE production work.

This is a real technical challenge and requires selecting the most impressive or dramatic clips from a variety of music videos, picking the right song to use for the montage and then editing to the beat.

You'll find all the resources for this project in the M: Media Shared drive:

M: Media Shared > Resources > GCSE > Summer projects > Music video montage

Here you'll find the following:
  • Exemplar music video montages from 2014 and 2015
  • Audio files you can use for your montage song (note: you are free to choose your own song but will need to provide the MP3 file)
  • The music videos from each of this year's Media classes - A1, B1 and B2

Your tasks are as follows:

1) Create a new folder in your folder on the M: Media Shared drive called Music video montage.

2) Watch a selection of music videos from the three classes and make notes of particular videos and clips you plan to use in your montage. You may also want to watch the exemplar music video montages again too.

3) Choose a song for your montage either from our folder of audio files or provide your own MP3. Note: the montage does not have to take up the whole song.

4) Create a new project in Premiere Pro and save it in your folder on the M: Media Shared drive. Remember: ALL clips and files need to be saved on Media Shared or the file will not render or export on Premiere Pro.

5) Import the music videos you have selected for your montage.

6) Start cutting the key scenes and clips from your chosen music videos and build an exciting, fast-paced montage on the timeline.

Mr Qureshi will be on hand to help with technical issues or Premiere Pro questions on Thursdays and your Media teacher should be able to assist on Tuesdays. However, the most important skill you can develop in this project is independent learning - use YouTube tutorials to work on specific skills or simply trial and error in creating a pace and style to your editing.

Good luck! 

Post-exam Media projects

Well done on completing GCSE Media! It was a very intense year of hard work but hopefully it will all be worth it on results day in August.

We now have a few weeks until the summer break and will be working on the following on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Revision for upcoming exams
If you have any exams approaching in other subjects, we would strongly encourage you to use this time to complete revision activities and practice questions in that subject. Just remember you still need to attend your Media lessons and revise here.

Editing projects
With the one-year Media course delivered at such a relentless pace, we are going to return to Premiere Pro to further develop our editing skills. This will prove particularly helpful if you are thinking of taking A Level Media in future. Your first task is to edit a montage of all of our music videos - full details on this blog post.

Make the most of this lesson time - it's a great opportunity to prepare for other exams or develop your creative and technical skills! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

GCSE Media exam: online revision

We've put together some online resources to help with your Media revision. Remember, the exam is on Tuesday 24 May!

Use the following to revise the Science Fiction exam topic and our case study films:

Science Fiction - lesson PowerPoints

Case study clips - Independence Day

Case study clips - Attack The Block

Case study clips - Minority Report

Good luck with your revision!

GCSE Media exam: Minority Report revision

Use these key scenes to help revise our case study film Minority Report (2002):

GCSE Media exam: Attack The Block revision

Use these clips to help revise for our case study film Attack The Block (2011):

Character and setting:

Hybrid genre - horror:

Final scene - dramatic set-piece:

GCSE Media exam: Independence Day revision

Use these key scenes to help revise our case study film Independence Day (1996):