Thursday, October 20, 2016

Half Term Homework - Planning for Assignment 1

Assignment 1- The Magazine Cover

*Remember our magazine cover conventions*

  1. -A bold, snappy title reflecting the ethos of your magazine in the top third. What is your title? What does it connote (suggest) to audience? What is your magazine ABOUT?
  2. -Rule of thirds- how will you use this?
  3. -A tag line linking to your title - what is this and how will it link to your title?
  4. -A strong central image using a medium close up / close up / medium shot (no bigger than this and no more than two people; strongest covers use one) What is this image going to show?
  5. -A colour scheme of three main colours which signify certain connotations you want your target audience to take away with them
  6. -The letter 'i' and the word 'free' as this is a supplement with the 'i' newspaper- where is this going to be included? (eg will you incorporate it into your title?)
  7. -A main cover line that is related to the central image and is dominant and placed where the eye goes after the title. 
  8. -Three or four 'flashes' or secondary cover lines telling the reader in short phrases (without connectives) what will be in the magazine. There should be a theme running through these stories that works with your overall ethos. 
  9. -Perhaps a competition 
  10. -Perhaps a strap line at the top and / or bottom of the cover to make it look stylish and clean.
  11. -Font choice should be consistent and bold and eye-catching (no hard-to-read fonts please or ones that resemble handwriting!)
  12. -Some links to social media or something that suggests that the target audience can engage with your product on more than one media platform. 

Please copy and paste the above and write a short paragraph under each one explaining what you plan to do to match this convention and why you have made those choices. Extra achievement points for using media language (eg the connotation of pink is... OR This will appeal to my target demographic because...)

Please add a paragraph at the end answering these two questions:
a) Who is going to be in your picture and what camera angle / lighting will you use? Who will take the photos?
b) What costume and props and make up will you need to remember to bring in?

We will be doing our photo shoot with professional lighting after half term so you need to have planned to succeed so you can make the most of this opportunity.

Thank you and have a fabulous half term!
Thanks for all your hard work in Media this half term - keep it up and we will match the success of some of the phenomenal work we have seen from previous students on the blogs and in the recent Media Awards 2016.

Miss Fowler :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Representation - young people

Image result for girls in riots who stole wine
Image result for girls in riots who stole wine


Watch this clip of the riots from rioters in their own words:


1) Find a POSITIVE (conventional) representation of young people and write a paragraph explaining why it is positive.
2) Find a NEGATIVE (conventional) representation of young people and write a paragraph explaining why it is negative.

Remember DENOTATION (what you see) and CONNOTATION (what it suggests) in your answers.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blog Task- Audiences

Target audience task

Create an audience profile for a magazine of your choice using Photoshop.
First, use demographics: Age, gender, education, social class, race/ethnicity, job/profession/ earnings, home (city/village/countryside).

Then use brand logos that the audience will use or enjoy and build them into your profile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Audience Profiles - Advertising Blog Task

A reminder from today's lesson on Audience:

Audiences are classified in terms of-

1) Demographics
This refers to groups of people such as: race, gender, age, social class, job (and education level) and where people live (urban or rural).

2) Psychographics
This refers to people's hobbies and interests eg what they are interested in and what they like doing in their spare time eg sporty, into partying, music lovers, interested in being fashionable and care about their appearance.

YOUR TASK today-
Find an advert that is aimed at the following and explain HOW you know:
1)Teenage boys who are sporty
2)Men in their thirties who care about their appearance
4)Old people with disposable income to go on holidays
5)Families who like spending time together

Embed your links or images – can be print or moving image (but you must have some of both)


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Editing Task

Most Memorable Editing Moments of All Time

Please watch this to consolidate (go over) some of the techniques we have learned about today!


Miss Fowler :)
Editing / Cutting in Media

Image result for editing transitions

We have looked at camera angles and now camera movements. These are the first steps to making a film but, after the film has been made, the hard part begins! All those shots have to be EDITED together to make sense.

Cutting describes the process of going between shots, with the purpose of advancing the story (narrative) or moving action along or changing perspectives. There are so many different cuts but we usually don't notice them because they happen so quickly!

Transition - refers to how one shot changes to the next one eg the famous Wipe in Star Wars films.
Class Work - 25 mins

1)Find a film clip no longer than 3 minutes.
2)Embed the film clip onto your blog with the title of the film
3)Analyse the editing- types of cuts used, pace and transitions.

4)Pick 3 camera angles and explain the effect of them. 

Watch this video again (from 0.30 secs to 5.29 mins) and make notes on the following cuts to publish on your blog:

1) Cutting on Action
2) Cut Away
3) Cross Cut
4) Jump Cut
5) Match Cut (Match on Action)
6) Fade In/Fade Out transition
7) Dissolve transition

Just define the term (say what it is) and then say WHY / WHERE often it is used.
To challenge yourselves, try and find an example of each of the cuts!
Good luck!

Miss Fowler

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Media Awards nominations!

With the Media Awards rapidly approaching we are delighted to announce this year's nominations!

The quality level at both GCSE and A Level was exceptionally high and it has been an extremely difficult process narrowing down the nominations for our Oscars-style event. To find out the winners you'll need to attend the exclusive Arthouse-themed ceremony on Tuesday 18 October. Tickets go on sale Monday 10 October and cost £3 if purchased in the first week. The price then goes up to £5 but be quick - the Awards have sold out days in advance for the last few years!

Media Awards 2016 Nominations

A Level

Best Y12 Original Screenplay
Kiss of Death

Best Y12 Production Design
Project KR
La Sombra

Best Y12 Dialogue/Voiceover
La Sombra

Best Y12 Cinematography
My City

Best Y12 Sound Design
Kiss of Death

Best Y12 Film Editing
Hunting Season
My City


Best GCSE Cinematography 
Flight – William Welhenage 
Buried Alive – Emman Chaudhry
Song - Hitik Gohil

Best GCSE Music Video Concept
Perfect – Sabrin Ibrahim
Buried Alive – Emman Chaudhry
Seven Nation Army – Mohammed Omar

Best GCSE Production Design
Hotline Bling - Krissah Rolle 
Dollhouse – Zayna Malik
In the End – Jason Boachie

Best GCSE Editing
Not Afraid – Hussein Hamume 
Red Lips - Narin Omar
Thrift Shop – Abdullah Al-Fadhli


Best Actress/Actor
Katie Foster – Kiss of Death
Saanya Shah - Amelia
Sabrin Ibrahim – Perfect 
Zayna Malik - Dollhouse
Callum Louis – La Sombra
Mamduh Adan – Hunting Season
Hussein Hamume – Not Afraid
Jason Boachie – In The End

Congratulations to all our nominees and see you at the Media Awards!