Monday, September 18, 2017

Music video treatment: task

You now need to finalise your group and choose the song you will use. Once you've done this, brainstorm ideas for your music video and then write a treatment planning exactly what you are going to film. 

A reminder of the three main types of music video:
  • Performance
  • Narrative
  • Visual effects

This online Powerpoint of music video key conventions may help you plan your video.

Remember the songs you can choose to use are as follows:
  • College – A Real Hero
  • Clean Bandit – Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne
  • Woodkid – Run Boy Run
  • M.I.A. – Paper Planes
  • Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Rainer + Grimm Remix)
  • Bastille – Of The Night
  • American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
  • The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  • Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars
  • Frank Ocean – Thinking About You
  • The Script – Hall Of Fame
If you have a specific idea that requires a different song you can pitch this to your Media Studies teacher and see if they agree. If your song choice is approved, you will need to bring your own copy of the song (in WAV, mp3 or mp4 format).

Use this music video treatment template to document your planning - this needs to be printed and put in your coursework folder when it is complete.

This is a vital part of your 12 pages of planning and you should make sure your treatment is detailed but no longer than two pages of A4 on Microsoft Word.

Your music video treatment is due next week - exact day set by your Media teacher.

Music video treatment: notes

At the beginning of every music video project, there is a need to work with the artist to define a desired treatment. A video treatment, also known as video concept, outlines information with regards to what the music video will be about.

Conceptually, a music video could show the artist performing the song in front of a live audience or by itself; alternatively, a music video can also present a story line where certain situations and storytelling takes place. Furthermore, it can also be an experimental exercise where random images are shown to complement the music in a more abstract way. All of these angles constitute the treatment, or concept, of a music video.

Music video treatment: essential planning

However, a video treatment goes beyond this exercise of defining the overall direction of the video. The treatment goes down to describe the kind of locations, situations, stories, images, look and feel, tone and colour, pacing and so on of the music video. Even though most treatment writers don't follow specific guidelines or structures, a well written treatment is one that can successfully communicate complete ideas to artists.

Summarising, a music video treatment is the starting point of every project. It allows the production company to communicate its ideas to the artists and it allows artists to make decisions regarding the direction of their video. The treatment also helps production companies to write production budgets that are accurate and that give artists a complete view of what to expect when embarking on the production of their music video.

Source: Creando Music Video Production

Example music video treatment
Alt-J: Breezeblocks by Ellis Bahl 

Three shots, slow motion, played in reverse.

Cool tones. Blues and Whites.

Scene 1: A man sits on the floor of a bathroom, head in hands.

The camera moves to the bathtub, the water is running, a fully clothed woman lies submerged, a breezeblock on her stomach. Her hair floats on top of the water, hiding her face. Blood slowly runs backwards into her head. The man gets up and the breezeblock bounces up off the woman's head and into his hands. He puts it on the ground next the the tub. The two of them scuffle.

Scene 2: They sprint backwards down the hallway. Her in front, him in back. (he's chasing her) They backwards fight through a flat. They unshatter dishes and bookshelves stand up with books placing themselves back into order as they reverse fight their way through the apartment.

Scene 3: They make their way towards the front door. A knife flies off the floor and into the woman's hand. The man grapples with her. He turns away from her and she recedes into the shadows. 

The man looks down into a cupboard. ANOTHER woman is tied up and sucking in a scream. Her eyes close. They kiss. They stop and the man slaps ducktape over her mouth. He closes the door. He walks backwards, flips the lights off and exits out the front door.

The woman with the knife returns and opens the cupboard. The tied up woman's eyes are filled with terror. The knife woman says something. "I think I'll have a bath while we wait for your Husband to get home. You don't mind, do you?"

Monday, September 11, 2017

Assignment 3: Music video preliminary exercise

Preliminary exercise

Individually, create a 30-second music video by the end of Thursday's double lesson.

You should have filmed a few minutes of footage over the summer as part of your summer project.

You will now edit those shots together into a 30-second video, learning how to use Premiere Pro and apply certain edits and visual effects.

The songs available are:
  • College – A Real Hero
  • Clean Bandit – Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne
  • Woodkid – Run Boy Run
  • M.I.A. – Paper Planes
  • Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Rainer + Grimm Remix)
  • Bastille – Of The Night
  • American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
  • The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  • Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars
  • Frank Ocean – Thinking About You
  • The Script – Hall Of Fame
  • OR a song of your choice as long as it is clean/radio edit (you need to bring in the MP3 file)
The songs are available on the Media Shared drive: M:\Resources\GCSE\Music video audio files

Remember, you MUST include the following:
  • A close-up
  • A high/low angle shot
  • A long shot
  • A handheld camera shot
  • A slow dissolve transition
  • A super-speed OR super slow-motion shot
  • A minimum of 10 shots
  • Use of colour AND black and white

Tuesday: editing
Thursday: editing, exporting and screening

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome back!

Welcome back to our brilliant GCSE Media students - it's great to see some familiar faces and we're looking forward to the year ahead! 

Our GCSE results last year were excellent - 94% A*-C, 39% A/A*. For Media A Level, Greenford was given an ALPS judgement of 1 - this means we are in the top 1% of Media departments in the UK! 

You've got a lot of hard work ahead of you but with commitment, creativity and engagement with the Media you WILL be successful!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Example Research

Hello Year 9 and 10!

For your summer homework you have to finish analysing 6 music videos. 
Some of you have been asking for an A* example of this so I have included 3 for you to look at. 

Do not copy anything from these examples or you will get 0 marks!

Good luck! :)

Miss Fowler

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer project: Music video research and preliminary exercise

Over the summer, you need to carry out crucial research and planning activities for Assignment 3: Music video.

This work will set you up perfectly to achieve a top grade in Assignment 3 - remember, it's worth the same as the first two assignments put together. Work through the following tasks before coming back in September:

Assignment 3: Music video research

1) Complete your music video research over the summer by choosing at least six interesting music videos and writing an analysis of each one (minimum 150 words per video). In total, you need at least 1,000 words of research but many people write more than this. 

You'll find more guidance and an example analysis on this blog post outlining the research task. Ms Fowler has also helpfully suggested potential videos to analyse for each key convention of music video if you're unsure what to choose.

Preliminary exercise: planning and filming

When you first come back in September we'll be completing a music video Preliminary Exercise. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to practice the skills of editing you'll need for creating your three minute music video.

Task: Create a 30-second music video to a song of your choice

1) Choose a song and print / copy and paste the lyrics into Word (must be clean version or radio edit - specified by exam board).

2) Come up with some ideas for potential videos linked to the song and lyrics. Remember, you can use narrative, performance or visual effects - the more creative the better.

3) Film 1-2 minutes of initial footage using your phone or your own camera. Important: you must be able to capture the video files from the device. Remember to film landscape too!

4) Bring the video files into school on a USB or memory card to edit in school in the first week back in September.

This is all due in the first lesson back: Thursday 7 September. Good luck!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Assignment 3 - Research and Planning

Assignment 3 - Research and Planning Task

There are 15 marks available for Research and Planning for Assignment 3 - Music Video Production. 

One of the ways you can earn these marks is by researching existing music videos and analysing them. 

Open a new Word document and call it 'Assignment 3- Research and Planning. Existing Product Research.'  

For each music video, you need to write 150 words commenting on:
  • Introducing the artist / band - what genre they are and a bit about them
  • Mise-en-scene: props, setting, actors, costume
  • Iconography and Genre
  • Narrative element
  • Performance element - artist singing or lip synching / dance moves
  • The camera angles, movements and editing (number of shots)

Find a music video that fits into each of these categories:

1) Creative Concept - contains really interesting, unique ideas or visuals that are not neccessarily related to the song. 
  • First of the Year- Skrillex
  • Naughty Boy- Running
  • Nojahoda- nojahoda
  • OK Go- The One Moment
  • Ok Go- This Too Shall Pass
  • Bjork - All is Full of Love
2) Narrative - a video that has a clear storyline - usually related to the lyrics. This lends a film-like quality to the music video. 
  • Katy Perry- Last Friday Night
  • Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do
  • Ed Sheeran - Shape of You
  • Adele- Hello
3) Performance Element- This is when the music video focuses on a performance from the artist - usually lip-synching and co-ordinated dance moves. 
  • Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
  • Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball
  • Beyonce- Crazy in Love
  • Michael Jackson- Thriller
  • Beyonce- Run the World
  • One Direction- What Makes you Beautiful
  • DJ Khalid featuring Rihanna- Wild Thoughts
  • Progidy- Firestarter
4) Camerawork (use of camera shots and camera movements) and interesting editing (number of shots, how they are cut together)
  • About You-XXYYXX
  • Walk off The Earth- Red Hands
  • Nojahoda- nojahoda
  • Linkin Park- Breaking the Habit
  • Sigur Ros- Glosoli
  • Alt J- Breezeblocks
5) Mise-en-scene: everything you can see in the video - setting, costume, props and characters
  • Imagine Dragons- Radioactive
  • Eminem- Till I Collapse
  • Aqua- Cartoon Heroes
  • Katy Perry- Last Friday Night
  • Missy Elliott- Work It
  • Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
  • Michael Jackson- Thriller
  • Swedish House Mafia- Greyhound
6) Visual Effects and clever editing- This is when the music video features amazing special effects such as CGI.
  • Zayn Malik- Pillowtalk
  • Nosia- Machine Gun
  • Robbie Williams- Rock DJ
  • Gotye- Somebody That I Used to Know
  • Eminem- Rap God
  • Fun- We Are Young
  • Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy
  • Chemical Brothers- Let Forever Be

There is an example below this for OK Go's video- This Too Shall Pass